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Weston Medical Health Center & Treating “Sacroiliac” Injuries

Weston,  FL – Your back pain is aching – and it gave out when you bent down to pick up your car keys of all things, a very basic activity.  How could that happen? It may be something called “Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome.” With its many years of core expertise, Weston Medical Health Center has your

Weston Medical Health Center Adds Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician

Weston, FL – Weston Medical Center, 2237 N. Commerce Parkway, has added Erik Kuyn, M.D., to its team of healthcare providers. He will begin seeing patients on Feb. 23. Dr. Erik Kuyn, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician Dr. Kuyn is Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, with a Certificate of Added Qualification in Sports

A Patient’s Testimonial

M. Miller, South Florida resident… Weston Medical Health Center, Multispecialty Facility, offers treatment all under one roof. Testimonial: “I am so grateful for the excellent care I received from Weston Medical Health Center. Dr. Spoonhour and his expert staff of physicians, physical therapists and massage therapists utilized the best methods for my recovery, allowing me

Weston Medical Health Center Flexes its Treatment Muscles in Handling Knee Pain

Weston, FL – We know South Florida residents are among the most active in the country and thankfully, when they experience knee pain, they know they have “a leg up” when they choose the specialists at Weston Medical Health Center. Runners have had to brace themselves for the wear and tear of osteoarthritis – yet,

Weston Medical Health Center Helps Take Charge of Your Health After an Auto Accident

Weston, FL – For anyone who has ever been in a car wreck, you may well feel like you’ve lost control – yet Weston Medical Health Center – centers on taking charge of the full continuum of your recovery. While many motorists have not heard of the Florida Senate law from three years ago that

Weston Medical Health Center a Stabilizing Force for Whiplash Victims

Weston, FL – Let’s face it. Our bodies really were not made to endure the brunt of whiplash in a car crash, a neck strain that occurs when the collision causes the neck to jerk forward or backward. The force stretches and/or tears the muscles and tendons in your neck, often causing severe pain. Yet,

Weston Medical Health Center Strengthens Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Team

Aids in Treating Neurologic & Musculoskeletal Disorders Weston, FL – It seems that most all medicine is literally “Physical Medicine,” yet, unless you’ve actually experienced the vital skill-set of a “Physical Medicine Physician,” or “Physiatrist,” you may not know “The Rest of the Story.” Physiatrists are trained in the rehabilitation of neurologic disorders, and in

Weston Medical Health Center “Has Your Back” When Dealing With Sciatica Pain

Weston, FL – Weston Medical Health Center feels your pain – your sciatica pain – that shooting sensation racing down your leg that feels far less than sensational. A far better descriptor is – a pain in the “you know what,” which is where the anguish originates. “Sciatica pain begins in the lower back and

Our Vision

In 1985, Exxon Mobil was the largest company in the world based on revenues. It was followed by General Motors, Ford, Texaco and IBM. While most of these companies are still very large today a company that wasn’t even on that list tops them all. How is that possible? How in a 30 year time

Car Accident Statistics

As I was driving to work yesterday I was watching people drive by, drive around and cut me off and I was wondering how there weren’t more accidents on the roads? So I did some research and found some interesting car accident statistics: 1) The majority of car accidents occur within 3 miles of the