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weston florida sciatica

Weston, Florida Sciatica Relief

Although we all understand that the body is interconnected, sciatica may at first seem unusual. Why does this pain condition have symptoms that include both lower back pain and pain in the back of the legs? The answer is actually simple: the sciatic nerve stretches from the lumbar spine to the legs. The condition arises


How Chiropractic Helps Back Pain

The basic theoretical concept behind chiropractic care is that physical alignment is central to wellness. Thus, adjusting the spine and other areas so that the skeleton is in a more natural and unconstricted position allows wellness to improve holistically. About 20 million people, including 2 million kids, use chiropractic as a treatment for back pain


Change How You Sleep to Alleviate Back Pain

Highlights of Changing How You Sleep Good sleep starts with a preventive daily routine: stand as much as you can, and avoid slouching. Use your pillow to improve your sleep position. Improve the quality of your mattress and pillow. Back pain is known for causing sleep disturbances, but you can alleviate your discomfort by changing


How Weight Loss Can Prevent Back Pain

When we think of pain, we may think of conventional treatment methods such as medication, or we might think of alternative modalities such as chiropractic care. One pain prevention solution is not necessarily easy, but it’s incredibly effective and improves the health of the entire body: weight loss. It’s more likely that you will experience


Defeat Office Chair Back Pain

If you work in an office and have a relatively sedentary lifestyle, you may be wondering why back pain would strike you. The reason pain in the back and neck is so common for people with desk jobs is that sitting in front of a computer places excess pressure on the spine and the extremities.

How core strength can improve and prevent back pain

Achieving back pain relief is not as difficult as you may think. Strengthening the core of your body, also called “core training,” is a simple way to target your back by relieving pressure so that pain can gradually recede. Let’s look at what the core is and a few exercises to strengthen it. Note: A