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Chronic Pain & Emotional Distress Often Treated with Risky Medications

Patients who are undergoing chronic pain conditions and diagnosed psychological tension – including anxiety, depression, and addiction – are often treated with extensive opioid prescriptions even though the scientific data doesn’t support the method, according to an overview of studies published in General Hospital Psychiatry last year. The report additionally mentioned that behavioral health strategies


4 Ways to Prevent Shoulder Injuries at Work

Although office jobs are often thought of as “cushy” alternatives to service jobs and other types of employment, many of those who work at computers eventually seek medical treatment for repetitive strain work injuries. Lisa Evans of Entrepreneur spoke last year  with New Jersey chiropractor Dr. Michael Cooney to better understand how to avoid shoulder,


Best Ways to Help Children Avoid Backpack Pain

We are all familiar with back pain: it is the number one cause of disability globally, and four out of five people will suffer from the condition at some point during their lifetimes. However, it often doesn’t occur to us that children can also experience pain in their backs. For adults, back pain typically arises


Myofascial Release to Ease Your Pain

One of the primary causes of pain is restriction within your soft tissues, which can be improved through therapies that extend your range of motion. Myofascial release is a standard treatment used to improve the functionality of the body. Pain related to the fascia – a bodily network of connective tissue – arises from incidents of

Athletic Injury Prevention with Kinesiology Tape

A method that is often used to treat sports injuries is kinesiology taping, a.k.a. kinesio taping (KT). This strategy utilizes elastic therapeutic tape to support injured areas of the body, possibly alleviating pain while enhancing circulation and lymphatic function. KT is not new: the techniques were first introduced by Kenso Kase, a chiropractor, in the


Knee Injury & Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

Physical therapy is used to restore the strength and fluidity of the body following a knee injury. This form of treatment helps both to return a healthy range of motion to your joint and to alleviate knee pain. Several different general strategies are used during physical therapy to achieve the best possible outcomes. Those tactics


Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis & Injuries

The science on stem cell injections has grown rapidly in the last few years. A 2012 study, conducted by Duke University researchers and published in Cell Transplantation, was particularly compelling to doctors and patients who sought to curb osteoarthritis (OA) development after damage to a joint. Although doctors have access to diverse injury care treatments


Understanding Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy comprises cutting-edge methods used to treat various medical conditions, but a substantial amount of misinformation has proliferated online. The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) recently released a fact sheet to help clarify the knowledge on stem cells and how they can be used for treatments. Here are several highlights: Stem


Athletes & Stem Cells

To those of us watching from the stands, professional athletes can seem superhuman. Their physical prowess, and the consistency with which it is conveyed, is extraordinary. They also defy the aging process, rebounding quickly from seemingly devastating injuries – sometimes even into the beginning of middle age. It may appear that the athletes have access


Healing Knee Cartilage with Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell research has been a hot topic in the news: embryonic stem cells have raised ethical concerns regarding the sanctity of human life. However, much of stem cell science is noncontroversial, allowing all of us to benefit from their remarkable health properties. To learn more visit our stem cell page. Often stem cells used